I have always loved working with people and being able to help men and women of all ages on their journey to achieve their individual goals is such a previlage.

    We are all under a lot of pressure of balancing health, work, family, hobbies, social life, money and time for ourselves. 

    Being able to offer guidance when it comes to weight loss, diet, menopause and exercise is something I am very passionate about. I like to put myself in my clients shoes to understand how to best help that person progress and achieve their individual goals.  

    I used to have IBS like symptoms and although exercise was fun and part of my week I never saw the connection and the importance that what and when I ate actually could have a huge impact. It wasn't until I changed my diet, my issues dissapeared and I had more energy, lost weight and found exercise more fun!

    Nowadays I enjoy running, cycling, kettlebells as well as yoga as part of my own exercise routine and try to be mindful of what I put in my body.  

    My journey has taken me to where I am today and I look forward to soon be part of your journey!



    Testimonials from some of the many clients I've had the pleasure to work with throughout the years so far;

    Julie:  "Over the past year I felt I was developing  symptons of the menopause.  In particular my sleep was becoming disturbed waking 2 to 3 times in the night; finding it difficult to get back to sleep, getting hot at night  and putting on weight without changing my eating habit significantly. I wanted to understand more what was happening to my body and be able to do something about it without having to take any medication. Therefore going to Jana would hopefully give me the information I needed and give me some points to action to improve my wellbeing.

    Jana was full of information and inspiration. Jana took me through what happens to your body during menopause. I finally had an insight as to what was causing my symptons. Jana made it easy to understand.

    We then analysed what I could do to alleviate the symptons.  The changes that Jana suggested were ones that could be easily made into my every day life. These included looking at the times that i eat food, what snacks i have and adding food into my diet to improve my bodies levels of different vitamins and minerals. Jana also looked at ways to cope with the symptons when they happen and make them more managable.

    Jana knowledge of the subject has helped me start to make the necessary changes that will improve my general wellbeing. I now consider how the food I eat will benefit my body.

    Thank you Jana for starting my journey to regaining control of my body." 

    Susan:  " I suffer from chronic headaches that result in migraines and I’m always told exercise will help but it is hard to exercise when in constant pain. Jumping up and down just causes more pain but Jana worked with me during our circuit sessions and gave me low impact or alternative exercises that allowed me to keep up with the class. Jana’s support and motivation gave me the boost to keep going and not give up. Although I still suffer from headaches (although much more manageable) the sessions has given me back the strength, physical and mental to carry on, knowing there is no pressure to keep up on class is a huge relief when managing pain. " 

    Kellene: " I always enjoyed Jana’s Circuit sessions. Every session was different so you never got bored. She always gave high and low impact options, so it was suitable for everyone, but she continually gave encouragement throughout so that you did your best, whatever your ability. There was a great mix of cardio and strength so that it worked the whole body. This really was the best all over workout I’ve ever attended. I’ve been telling people that the Joe Wicks classes remind me a bit of Jana's Circuit sessions as there is something different each time, and mixes cardio and strength, but having done quite a few of them, even Joe Wicks got a bit repetitive – your classes were much better Jana! "     

    Donna: "I have just completed 4 weekly sessions of Nutrition and Circuit training with Jana and a couple of friends and I can honestly say I have thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to anyone out there.

    Jana is great to work with, with her positive vibes, encouraging and motivational spirit, she really makes you feel at ease and relaxed. She takes her time on the circuits to ensure everyone is doing exercises correctly and has this knack of making you push yourself more than you think you can! The Nutrition part of the programme was really informative and easy to follow, without being an information overload or confusing. Jana clearly has a passion for nutrition and you can see that in the sessions.


    If your nervous about doing something like this, don’t be, Jana is so nice to work with and makes you feel extremely relaxed.

    I have attended some of Jana’s previous classes and her running group and have thoroughly enjoyed all of them.


    Zenith:  "Under Jana’s guidance I trained for a half marathon and really benefited from her advice, guidance and coaching. Her plan gave me confidence, consistency and an easy structure to follow. Jana encouraged me throughout, monitored my progress and adjusted the plan when I was advised by the physio to ease back on my training. With Jana’s help I was able to exceed my target time for my half marathon. Jana is an excellent and understanding coach. The support she provided went beyond my expectations. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a running coach." 

    Joanne:  " My name is Joanne. I love exercising outside and never been one for the gym. First off, Jana is like having a fitness friend, she makes training interesting and varied. I feel I have learnt techniques from her to improve upon, and feel more confident in using these when I am running alone. We all know when doing any form of exercise alone, you can easily not push yourself to your full potential, however, while having fun, Jana always keeps one eye on the stopwatch waiting to signal the start of the next repetition." 

    Nicola:  " I always looked forward to my class with Jana –she is super motivational, encouraging and caring – she gets to know you and your injuries and always makes sure there is a version of the exercise suitable for you. She helped me through my first park run, by my side all the way and I achieved a better time than I ever thought possible. I’ll be telling people to go to Jana, but not before I’m booked in! " 

    Clare: "It makes you realise you need to be educated in the basics of nutrition to be able to make informed choices in order to achieve your long term nutritional and exercise goals and enable positive lifestyle changes for physical and mental health.

    If you are thinking of taking this on, I can not recommend it enough. I have taken part in Jana’s other fitness and running groups in the past and she has a unique way of inspiring and motivating you to carry on and reach your goals.  She is great!

    Sarah:  " Jana has been a wonderfully motivational trainer for running. I’d been keen to get back into running after having my first child but my fitness wasn’t great and I was lacking motivation and confidence. As a long distance runner herself, Jana is always enthusiastic and very encouraging which really helped me to get back on track quickly. In line with my fitness levels, she set me a detailed plan of exercises as well as a training plan for achieving specific distance goals. She’s tailored sessions so that I complete a certain distances but combines it with speed training and strengthening exercises too. My stamina and fitness improved very quickly. It’s a wonderfully convenient way to exercise whilst being a busy mother and furthermore, it’s a pleasure to train and complete runs alongside Jana." 

    Lisa: "Great sessions, I really enjoyed them and have taken away some great nutritional tips to incorporate into my life. Jana makes the circuits sessions really varied and enjoyable and I could certainly feels the effects afterwards ! ''

    Gemma:  "As a reluctant exerciser I was pleasantly surprised at how much I got from attending Jana’s circuit sessions. I say reluctant because I didn’t usually commit to exercise classes for long as I would lose interest. Jana provided a variety of exercises that focused on different areas of the body and kept things interesting. I felt encouraged, but never pressured, to push my limits and strive to improve, which I think I did. I am now encouraged by what exercise can do for me and what I enjoy.”  

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    • Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management Lev 4 
    • Certified Menopausal Wellness Coach
    • MRSPH (Member of the Royal Society for Public Health)
    • UK Athletics Certified Running Coach Lev 4
    • Certified Guide Runner
    • YMCA Certified Fitness and Circuit Instructor
    • YMCA Certified Padwork Instructor
    • Post Natal Instructor
    • Kids Bootcamp Instructor