Body Conditioning Class



Build stamina, strength, core and abs in this 45 minute session, suitable for all abilities. 

Exercise  - Body Conditioning

There are so many forms of exercises you can do and mixing it up will keep your body challenged. Body conditioning is perfect for all abilities and all levels of fitness. You will really see progress from these sessions and including strength and core will help your body be stronger overall. 

The Body Conditioning is held indoors in the Beaulieu Community Centre in Beauieu Park (located behind the small Sainsbury's) with free parking. 

We will work on stamina, strength (using mainly body weight but also some resistance bands), abs and core, so you will get a full body workout!

Friday's at 2-2.45pm in the Heath room. Don't forget to book your space and I look forward to see you there!  

1-2-1 Running

Acheive your running goals! A personalised running session will give you confidence to progress towards your individual goal whether that's torun 5k or a marathon! 

Exercise  - Running

Running is an excellent form of exercise for weight loss and is also linked to many health benefits such as better sleep, sharpens your memory and help decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety. I have worked with runners for over 10 years and and have helped numerous runners achieve their individual running goals.  

Running is something you can do wherever, whenever, on your own or with others. Running and exercise release a flood of endorphins into your blood. Endorphins are often called the 'feel-good' chemicals because they produce feelings of happiness and pleasure.

If you are new to running, booking a 1:1 coaching session can be really beneficial and help you with tips on how to run to make it feel easier (breathing techniques, how to use your arms in the most effeicient way, running posture to avoid injuries etc).

If you are training for a specific distance or race, performance can be enhanced by what you eat as well as how you train, so get in touch to find out how I can help you reach your new PB's!

£30 for 1 hour of 1-2-1 running session

£10/week for a tailored running plan