Menopause - how to manage your symptoms

  Weight gain, hot flushes,

    night sweats and everything else..

How to manage your menopausal symptoms through diet and lifestyle habits

The Menopause is a natural process through which all women will pass, but few will talk about....

Although you might have heard about the menopause for women it is important to know that the male version of the menopause is called the Andropause. On this page I am focusing on the female menopause. 

For some, it's straightforward, for others, it's a roller-coaster! Regardless, it is completely normal and we want to go through this process as smoothly as possible. You might not always relate your symptoms to the menopause but it can start as early as in your 30th with minor or major menopausal symptoms.

This is not always easy when many of the symptoms in this process can be very uncomfortable, hard to deal with and sometimes feel too embarrasing to talk about. Rest assured they are all normal and there are probably more woman suffering than you think and know of! Hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, brain fog, bladder issues and weight gain are the most common symptoms, but there are many more and everyone is different.

The Peri menopause can start 10-15 years before your actual Menopause, which can start anywhere from the age of 40-58years. Post menopause is the period after Menopause. We can have symptoms during all this time, some severe some minor.

Many people don't know what to expect of the menopause, but knowledge is power, and by knowing what to expect and how to best manage these symptoms you can really thrive through the menopause! 

You can make a huge positive impact on the way you feel by small changes to your diet (what you eat and drink, what to avoid etc) but also in many other areas of your life that you might not relate to your menopausal symptoms.  

Weight gain is one of the more common 'symptoms' of the menopause and many women find that the approach of eating less and exercising more just does not work. You might find that although you eat the same way and exercise the same as you always have, the weight keeps creeping on. Frustrating! However, there are ways around it (but fad diets won't do it..)

I look forward to hear from you and to help you thrive through your menopause years. Get in touch today! 

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